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What is The Tylt?

The Tylt is the largest and fastest-growing social polling and debate platform on the Internet. Whether you’re voting on hot topics, trending news or big-picture questions, we want to know what you think. The Tylt was built to be your sounding board.

How do I vote?

Vote on your favorite topics across culture, entertainment, sports and politics on TheTylt.com. You can also vote on Twitter and Facebook using your side’s hashtag. Don’t feel like posting? Is using a hashtag too much? Every “like” on a Tylt post counts as a vote. Want your friends to get involved? Every share of a Tylt post will also count as a vote.

How many times can I vote?

You can vote as many times as you want! Every on-site vote, every shared hashtag and every interaction with The Tylt’s posts count as a vote. The more ways you vote, the more you’ll be heard!

What do you do with my vote?

We use our proprietary technology to collect all votes from all across the Internet. Your votes help create The Tylt’s “Barometer of Public Opinion”, showing the range of opinions online.

Can I have my vote back?

Once you vote, it’s automatically tallied by our vote-collection system. But don’t worry, all votes are anonymous.

If I vote, will I get pop up ads?

Nope, no pop ups! We hate them just as much as you do.

If I vote, will you steal my identity?

Nope, you’re safe with us. The Tylt is a chance to weigh in and make an impact. Our site offers anonymous voting so you can be honest without risk.

Are you Russian bots?

No way! The Tylt is a team of editors, writers and all-around geeks located in New York, New York.

What do I get if I vote?

Your votes are a spotlight on the issues relevant to you. Whether to get people listening or to create change, your votes bring the power of the people to the conversation. Sometimes, we also run giveaways. You'll be offered the opportunity to enter and win prizes after voting.

How do I know who won?

We know you’re busy. If you vote on TheTylt.com, you can opt in to "Follow The Results,” which delivers the final outcome straight to your inbox! Otherwise, you can check back when the debate is over and see the results.

Do you make money?

The Tylt partners with like-minded brands to cross-promote content. We are 100% transparent around any branded content. It’s spelled out in the copy and noted on the images. Our relationships with brands allows you to influence them, telling them what you want.

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